Summer is Upon Us, and Nature AND Abode Are Open for Business

There is no time better than this summer to take a vacation to an outdoorsy destination.

Before COVID hit, you may have been planning on taking an active nature-filled vacation to the mountains when our worlds got turned upside down. We were all doing our part of trying to contain this virus by staying at home and indoors. As our country begins to open up and we continue to social distance, spending time outdoors is our go-to savior!

We’d like to welcome you back to our mountain towns as our nearby nature here in Park City and Jackson Hole is open for your sun-seeking fresh air pleasure. We are so lucky to be part of mountain towns that have spectacular access to wide-open spaces. Teton and Yellowstone National Parks are officially open (in a limited capacity) for summertime exploration.

Eager to leave your homes? Come explore Park City and Jackson’s beautiful landscapes. Head out into our wilderness for hiking, biking, fishing. During your stay at an Abode property, we can help you book a guide to get you out past the crowds.

Recreating outdoors can contribute to general good health and therefore to a healthy immune system. A study conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center acknowledges the role sunlight plays in vitamin D production, but also found another surprising benefit: “Sunlight directly activates key immune cells by increasing their movement,” according to one of the researchers. T cells—a type of white blood cell crucial for immune response, were found to be more mobile after test subjects were exposed to sunlight.

And simply spending time outdoors has been associated with a range of health benefits, from lower incidence of diabetes, decreased blood pressure, less stress to an increase in physical activity, happiness, and relaxation. It may even lower your risk of a heart attack.

Here are some ways to get outside and recreate in Park City and Jackson Hole:


Jackson Hole

Park City:

  • Go for a hike around Round Valley or Park City Mountain.
  • Head out with Park City Fly Fishing Guides on an excursion to the Weber or Provo River to spend a day on the water.
  • Learn how to Mountain Bike with White Pine Touring
  • Follow the Willow Creek Trail and find the outdoor fitness equipment along the way
  • Rent a SUP at Jordanell State Park or at the Deer Valley Pond with Park City SUP
  • Enjoy a cocktail at one of the many Main Street restaurants that now have outdoor parklets: 501 Main, Flannagan’s, Shabu, Crystal Park Cantina, Eating Establishment.

As you can see, nature is open for business and summer is upon us. Come make some memories with Abode!