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A well-deserved journey to scenic Jackson Hole puts travelers within easy reach of exciting destinations like Grand Teton National Park. All year long, this national park has something thrilling to offer outdoor adventurers whether they’re looking to relax, enjoy nature photography, make the most of wildlife watching, or spend time hiking and climbing their way through a stay. While Grand Teton National Park has a long list of beloved landmarks waiting to be explored, the park is also home to some hidden gems that are well worth adding to an itinerary. When you’re looking for something a little different the next time you’re here, the following stops are sure to inspire.

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Spend time at Leigh Lake

With good reason, many Grand Teton National Park-bound travelers will set their sights on well-known bodies of water like Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake during a visit. Yes, these lakes are breathtaking but if you’re looking to enjoy time lakeside at a place that’s a bit more off the beaten path, you’ll want to set your sights on Leigh Lake instead. This beautiful lake is adorned with clear waters and stunning mountain scenery to enjoy from a place on its beach. To reach Leigh Lake, be sure to head southeast of Mount Moran where you can enjoy time on a trail that leads you to the water. This tranquil spot is always a treat so don’t be surprised if you end up lingering a little longer than you planned.

Enjoy an Afternoon at String Lake

Yet another one of the fantastic hidden gems in Grand Teton National Park for travelers to check out while they’re here is String Lake. While more well-known lakes at the park are likely to be packed on a busy summer day, String Lake takes you out of the way and far from the crowds so you can truly enjoy some much-needed tranquility in nature. The lake is dotted with benches and there’s a hiking trail that runs around the perimeter so you can make the most of the view from varying angles. String Lake is a wonderful place to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a fresh-air meal or take a refreshing swim in the water. If you’re willing to bring your gear with you, String Lake is a great place to enjoy paddleboarding or kayaking for a fun afternoon out on the water. Just be prepared for the chilly water as this lake is the result of glacier run-off and it maintains cool temperatures year-round.

Add Schwabacher Landing to Your List

If your Grand Teton National Park tour plans include time at the iconic Snake River, you’re going to want to expand on the fun with a stop at Schwabacher Landing. Sitting along the river’s east shore, Schwabacher Landing is an idyllic place to enjoy wildlife watching and the trail leading to this location is relatively flat and less than two miles total. A trip here around sunset is highly recommended as both the mountains and evening colors are beautifully reflected in the water. Be sure to bring a camera for this stop that comes with a reputation for incredible views.

Hike Your Way to Hidden Falls

For travelers with a passion for cascade hunting, Grand Teton National Park is home to Hidden Falls. Much as the name indicates, these cascades aren’t necessarily the easiest to find, but they’re certainly worth the effort. To locate Hidden Falls, you’ll need to follow Cascade Creek and hike your way to the waterfall opening. The Hidden Falls Trail is about a mile long in total and is moderately difficult, so you’ll want to be sure you have on appropriate hiking boots and outdoor apparel. Once you reach Hidden Falls, you’ll be treated to sights of cascades that flow nearly 100 feet off the ground. It’s truly a sight to behold and might just be the highlight of your stay.

Stop by the Chapel of the Transfiguration

A really unique and memorable experience is waiting for you in Grand Teton National Park when you make time to drop by the Chapel of the Transfiguration. Located in Moose, this chapel is a small log structure within scenic surroundings. It was designed specifically to frame the Cathedral Group of peaks in the park through the window just behind the altar. Come and see for yourself and enjoy some time adding another amazing stop to your park itinerary.

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For outdoor adventurers and those with a passion for pristine scenery alike, Jackson Hole, Wyoming offers up a one-of-a-kind vacation destination to enjoy year-round. Situated between the Teton and Gros Ventre Mountain ranges, this inviting locale is loved for its charm, wildlife, and access to in-town fun too. Those with a passion for photography are in for a real treat with every visit to Jackson Hole. The following are just a few of the most photographable places in the area that you’re not going to want to miss out on the next time travel plans bring you this way.

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Capture Great Photos at Glacier View Turnout

Travelers who head to Jackson Hole with a camera in hand won’t be able to help but be stunned by the destination’s easy access to views out over the towering Tetons. A picture-perfect place to frame this inspiring view is Glacier View Turnout. From this locale, photographers can get a direct shot out over the largest peaks including Middle Teton, Mt. Owen, and Grand Teton alike. Sagebrush plains and trees along the winding river also make up the background of these scenic shots infusing even more texture and depth into the final product. There’s also a good chance you’ll get some wildlife in the mix depending on what time of year you head to Glacier View Turnout to capture the moment.

Take Time to Photograph Town Square at its Very Best

Any time you travel to Jackson Hole, stopping by Town Square and making sure you get a photo in front of one of the four massive elk antler arches is a must! Each year, antlers shed these massive antlers, giving the community of Jackson Hole plenty of material for keeping their arches in pristine condition and ready to be photographed at a moment’s notice. These impressive Town Square monuments are designed using upward of 10,000 pounds of antlers creating an entirely unique and photographable stop. If you head here over the holidays, the antler arches are likely to be covered in twinkling lights giving your photos the sparkle you’ve been looking for.

Visit the National Elk Refuge

Once you’ve taken pictures at the arches of Town Square, you’ll find that going towards the point of origin for many of the antlers used to create the arches offers up just as many photographable opportunities! Jackson Hole is home to the National Elk Refuge which showcases the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem at its best. Here, conservation of species and habitat go hand-in-hand and photographers are treated to stunning views throughout. The National Elk Refuge sprawls across 24,700 acres of terrain made up of forests, wetlands, and grasslands alike. This means diverse options for dynamic landscapes as well as a variety of wildlife to photograph on-site including elk, bison, swans, bald eagles, bighorn sheep, cutthroat trout, wolves, and bison to name a few of many. Surrounded by the peaks of the Gros Ventre and Teton Mountain Ranges, the National Elk Refuge is a place where photographers can capture the stunning dynamic between rolling hills, mountains, and glacial outwash plains alike.

Mesmerizing Photographic Moments Await at Moulton Barn in Mormon Row

Between 1912 and 1945, Mormon settler Thomas Alma Moulton and his family inhabited a homestead in Jackson Hole that they built from the ground up. The homestead included a gable-with-shed-style barn that still stands today as part of an area fondly referred to as “Mormon Row.” The combination of unique architecture and rich history makes the Moulton Barn a beautiful place to set up when you’re looking to capture a wonderful photograph with a stunning backdrop included. The Teton Mountain Range rises over the barn in the distance giving photos here even more dimension to enjoy. It’s a popular stop for engagement photos but works just as well for landscapes and family photographs too.

Try Pairing Photography and Time on the Trails

Jackson Hole is a destination practically designed by nature for outdoor adventure. When you’re here and you share a passion for photography and hiking, there’s no reason you can’t combine them both. Pack your camera and lace up your boots to enjoy time on the Bradley Taggart Trail. This route takes you past two glacially formed lakes at the base of the mountains and offers up terrain adorned with pine, aspen groves, fir, and spruce trees as well. This is a popular route for photographers and hikers in the autumn when leaves begin to change colors into vibrant hues. The variety of overlooks offer up customizable angles on the landscape including a focus on mountain peaks and lakes below.

The trail that leads to Jackson Lake is another wonderful option to consider when you’re looking to explore truly scenic and inspiring photographable places in Jackson Hole. You can park at Signal Mountain Lodge and choose from multiple loops depending on your skill level or preference. Loops range in length from just under two miles to over 7 miles total. There are opportunities to stop and photograph wildlife, work on self-portraits, or remain focused on landscapes if you’d like.

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