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It doesn’t take much for life to get busy and schedules to get crazier than anyone would like. When this happens and stress levels are on the rise, it’s a sure sign it’s time to make the most of a well-deserved vacation. Taking an important moment to head out and explore someplace new can do wonders for your perspective on just about everything in life. While there are certainly times when a well-planned adventure is just the ticket to feeling refreshed, for those travelers who make Jackson Hole, Wyoming their vacation destination of choice, a last-minute trip this way can be equally revitalizing. There’s a lot to be said for some spontaneity when it comes to a much-needed adventure and Jackson Hole is the perfect place to create unforgettable experiences on a whim. When you have some time to spare and you’re inspired to try something different, this is a place to enjoy a last-minute Jackson Hole vacation that’s always one-of-a-kind.

A Last-Minute Vacation Destination Designed for Everyone to Enjoy

Whether you’re someone who finds their vacation state of mind most easily in the great outdoors, or you’re looking for a place where you can relish time away and make the most of city center fun too, Jackson Hole has the best of both for you. Planning a last-minute vacation to Jackson Hole is something you can certainly enjoy on your own when some introspection would go a long way, but it’s also the perfect place for quality time spent alongside family and friends.

No matter when you arrive, how long you stay, or how many others you’re here with, you’ll find your last-minute vacation to Jackson Hole is an experience in tailored outings at every turn. From the many historic landmarks in the area to the incredible national parks that are well within reach, Jackson Hole is a place where versatile offerings are always available.

In the summer, it’s a haven for river rafting and wildlife watching as well as hiking stunning trails. Winter sees Jackson Hole turn into a wonderland of fresh powder, ideal for skiing, snowmobiling, tubing, and snowboarding as well. If your last-minute journey brings you this way in the spring, you won’t want to miss out on the bloom of wildflowers across the mountains and valleys while a fall visit is a prime time to enjoy seeing the autumn colors come to life and casting a line to see what’s biting in the many area waterways. From Jackson Hole’s long lineup of shops and restaurants to its unique museums, wildlife refuges, and inviting Town Square, filling your time is a breeze no matter how much advance notice you had before you traveled.

Anticipate an Easy Arrival for Your Jackson Hole Vacation

Your last-minute vacation to Jackson Hole doesn’t take much pre-planning and making the experience even more convenient is the fact that no matter what your point of origin might be, getting here is easier than you imagined too. Those who decide to fly into Jackson Hole will want to land at Jackson Hole Airport for the most direct route into town. This welcoming destination is a mere 9 miles from the center of town and no more than a 20-mile venture from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. It’s an accessible area airport in that it serves non-stop flights from 13 major cities and works in partnership with American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines too.

If you’re hoping to fly in, but include a scenic road trip into your stay, you can always consider making plans to land in Idaho Falls, Idaho, or Salt Lake City, Utah, and travel in from there. When you land at Salt Lake City International Airport, you’ll want to plan on at least a 4.5-hour drive into Jackson Hole while Idaho Falls Regional Airport puts you within an hour and 45 minutes from Town Square. Last-minute travelers who opt to land at Jackson Hole Airport will find a convenient lineup of rental car options right on-site including Enterprise, National, Budget, Alamo, and Avis. Additionally, there are other rental car companies in Jackson Hole off-site including Thrifty, Hertz, and Dollar.

Weather Expectations to Consider Before You Head Out

There’s never a wrong time of year to make your way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming when last-minute adventure is top of mind. That said, having a general idea of weather expectations during the time of year you plan to travel can help you make more of the experience.

When you make your way in this direction in the summertime between June and August, you’ll want to make sure you’ve packed plenty of sunscreen, water gear, and sunglasses. That’s because summer in Jackson Hole is typically very warm with midday highs lingering in the 80s. It’s a great time of year to try whitewater rafting, or hiking through national parks, but you can also count on plenty of other travelers having the same idea during this popular travel season.

Winter travelers enjoying a last-minute getaway to Jackson Hole will find themselves surrounded by snowy terrain and contending with cold temperatures that lend themselves well to time on the slopes. This destination is known for receiving well over the national average when it comes to annual snowfall and packing that parka, gloves, boots, and hats is a must when daytime temperatures dip down into the 20s with ease.

A fall getaway to Jackson Hole will have you enjoying comfortable temperatures that fluctuate between the 50s and 70s in the daytime which makes for a great moment to get out on the hiking trails and enjoy changing colors. You’ll want to pack layers this time of year so you can be prepared for weather changes at a moment’s notice.

The same can be said for a spring trip this way when daytime averages are in the 60s but evening hours dip down into the 30s. Spring also comes with enhanced chances for unexpected showers, so making sure you have an umbrella handy is always a good idea this time of year.

Last-Minute Activities That Don’t Require Much or Any Pre-Planning

One of the highlights of a trip to Jackson Hole any time of year for travelers is the opportunity to wake up each day knowing you’re within easy reach of places like Grand Teton National Park. For those who make their way in this direction last-minute, a trip to one of the nearby national parks is a good addition to the itinerary because you don’t necessarily have to have guided tours lined up to make it an amazing adventure.

Grand Teton Nation Park spans 484 miles of terrain total meaning visitors won’t have any problem finding new places to explore during their journey. You can easily access Grand Teton National Park from Jackson Hole using Highway 89/191 and once you arrive, an activity as simple as following the multi-use pathway and savoring your surroundings is often sufficient to inspire! Grand Teton National Park is also a great place to explore the Snake River, work on your landscape photography, or enjoy some impromptu wildlife watching as well. You can always check in with the team at Wildlife Ecotour Adventures when you get to town to see if they have space on a tour during your stay but if everything is already booked up, you’ll have just as much fun downloading the park’s mobile app and designing your own customized adventure in good company.

Yellowstone National Park is another destination within convenient proximity to Jackson Hole for last-minute travelers looking to get into nature with plenty of space to explore at their own pace. For over 150 years, this national park has been mesmerizing guests from across the map and a trip this way means you’ll have the opportunity to get up close to incredible geysers, geothermal pools, rocky flats, and bubbling mud pots as well. There are plenty of trails to check out that are suitable for hikers of varying skill levels and if you keep your eyes open, you won’t have to look far to find yourself sharing space with incredible creatures like bison and elk. No matter how long you linger, be sure you have your camera in hand when you add this stop to your last-minute getaway itinerary.

Last-minute adventurers in Jackson Hole who are looking to balance their exploration in nature with time in town too will love the prospect of spending time leisurely enjoying the entertainment awaiting in Town Square. This vibrant hub of Jackson Hole is a wonderful local destination when you’re looking to spend some time people-watching, restaurant hopping, or checking out the many charming boutique shops and storefronts. Town Square is also where many annual community events, festivals, and gatherings are hosted so depending on the time of year you arrive, checking the event calendar to see if there’s added fun to be found is always a good idea.

In all seasons, your last-minute getaway to Jackson Hole can include time at Town Square taking photos in front of one of the four iconic elk antler arches. These impressive and towering structures are crafted with antlers that elk naturally shed at the nearby wildlife refuge each year. They’re not only a testament to the beauty of using everything in nature for a second purpose but provide a great backdrop for selfies and group photos as well! If your last-minute getaway has you heading to Jackson Hole over the holidays, you’ll be right on time to see these archways lit up with hundreds of twinkle lights making them that much more unforgettable and fun.

There’s Always More to Enjoy in Jackson Hole

If you’re interested in seeing exactly where those arch antlers are sourced, a tour of the National Elk Refuge near Jackson Hole is another great option for expanding your last-minute getaway itinerary! This destination is truly a wildlife enthusiast’s dream come true and if you’re lucky, there will be room on a tour led by an expert guide who provides you with further insight into the many elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, and more that call this protected terrain home.

Afterward, consider heading over to the National Museum of Wildlife Art in town to enjoy browsing a wide variety of exhibits and displays showcasing artist takes on nature and wildlife in the area. It’s an inspiring place to reflect on your surroundings and perhaps even find the motivation to try your own artistic take on the scenery you’ve encountered along the way.

When you can’t wait to infuse some spectacular entertainment into your last-minute getaway, making time for a performance or two at the Jackson Hole Playhouse is always a good idea while you’re in town. Located on Deloney Avenue, this charming dinner theater destination showcases quality performances throughout the year and is a fun place to enjoy an evening out with family and friends at your side.

Avoid Stress and Book Your Stay Direct Through Abode Jackson Hole

The last-minute Jackson Hole vacation, Wyoming you’re looking to enjoy might have been inspired on a whim, but that doesn’t mean that any spontaneous stress has to be a part of the process. Instead of worrying about whether or not there’s a hotel in town that can accommodate your timeline, or having to contend with any inflated seasonal prices, make sure to book your last-minute getaway experience through the team of property professionals at Abode Jackson Hole.

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With us, you can count on having access to a wide variety of versatile property options to pick and choose from no matter when you set your sights on Jackson Hole as your ideal vacation destination. Our properties are designed to inspire and always keep travelers close to the places they’re most excited to explore while infusing every day of their stay with elevated standards of comfort, quality, convenience, and luxury too. Whether you’re here with a few friends or you’ve made it a last-minute adventure with the entire family, our vacation rental selection is the perfect pairing to your experience. Reach out today to learn more about our beautiful lineup of property options available and how we can help you make more of every moment you’re here.

When it’s time to travel and enjoy new spaces for a while, there’s no place quite like Jackson Hole, Wyoming to inspire the mind and senses. As beautiful and inviting as it is exciting for those with a passion for outdoor adventure, Jackson Hole is a place where you can easily embrace travel interests of all types and make the most of your time away from the daily hustle. While Jackson Hole is a suitable destination for those who are looking to enjoy an indulgent and luxurious getaway with no expense spared, it’s also a destination that’s just as delightful when you’re looking for a budget-friendly tip to add to the annual calendar. When you know where to go without breaking the bank, you can keep money in your wallet without sacrificing anything in the way of fun here. The following are a few great places, activities, and tips for vacationing in Jackson Hole without going overboard on your budget.

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Enjoy a Hike Fit for Your Traveling Crew at No Cost to You

Jackson Hole is a vacation destination that’s known and loved for its unsurpassed natural beauty. Within easy reach of stunning National Parks and surrounded by mountains, valleys, waterways, wide open grazing spaces for wildlife and more, there’s no shortage of vistas to be found when you head this way. When you’re hoping to get out and connect with your surroundings without spending a thing, you’ll want to make sure you add some of the top trails in the area to your to-do list. Hiking is a fantastic way to enjoy vacationing in Jackson Hole without breaking the bank which might just end up being the highlight of your entire adventure. Here, there are trails to be found that are suitable for outdoor adventurers of all ages and skill levels.

If you’re in the mood to pair your trekking with wildlife watching, you’re going to want to make sure to start things off on the Moose Pond Trail. This 2.5-mile route enjoys minimal elevation gains, but as the name indicates, is a great pathway for perhaps spotting a moose or two along the way. You can access the trailhead at the Jenny Lake Lodge and will find this out-and-back route could end up being one you return to time and again during your stay. If you’re lingering around Jenny Lake, you can also choose to enjoy time on the Jenny Lake Trail to Inspiration Point. This is one of the more popular routes in Jackson Hole with good reason, as it is 2.5 miles both ways, but you get rewarded with amazing views that encompass Hidden Falls, canyon surroundings, and more from Inspiration Point. For fantastic mountain views while you’re in town, don’t miss out on the Schwabacher Landing Trail which heads towards Grand Teton National Park and offers a picture-perfect vantage point on the peaks.

Infuse Creativity and History into Your Stay

You can balance out your outdoor fun with indoor entertainment, creativity, and history too when you make your way to Jackson Hole. Over at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, you never pay anything to enter the museum and enjoy the long lineup of exhibits, displays, and art that showcase the outdoor world through the eyes of local and global talent. Another great place to check out when you want to learn more about the area, but don’t want to sacrifice your budget to do so is to check the event calendar over at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts. Throughout the year, this destination hosts many free events to check out and even if there is admission for a speaker or a gathering, it’s typically minimal.

Take Time to Stroll Through Town Square

For some fun cost-free people-watching, window shopping, and photo opportunities, be sure to make time to stroll through Town Square when you’re in Jackson Hole. This vibrant hub is often considered the heartbeat of town and is a central location for annual festivities and events too. When you drop by, you can enjoy a picnic in the warm weather months, take photos in front of the iconic elk antler arches, or enjoy holiday lights in the wintertime. In the summer, this is also where you can make time to browse the goods available to purchase at the Farmer’s Market on the Square. You’ll find locally grown vegetables and fruits alongside handcrafted goods all available at reasonable rates.

Consider How You Get to Town

Logistically, Jackson Hole is a convenient destination to reach but if you’re looking to save on transportation into town, it could be worth your while to do some comparison pricing. At certain times of the year, visitors can find more affordable flights into Idaho Falls instead of flying directly into Jackson Hole. It’s a 2-hour drive into town from the Idaho Falls airport, but you’ll be treated to plenty of spectacular scenery along the way.

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Make sure your Jackson Hole getaway comes with the style, comfort, and convenience you deserve by booking your vacation rental through the property professionals at Abode Jackson Hole. Reach out today to learn more about our amazing lineup of options and to start planning your next trip!

Travelers come to Jackson Hole, Wyoming year-round to enjoy a scenic escape from the hustle of life. When you’re someone who loves the great outdoors and is looking for a place where you can easily pair adventures in nature with in-town fun, Jackson Hole is happy to deliver it all up in a welcoming style. It’s an ideal destination for a solo journey, a great place for a romantic weekend for two, and just as enjoyable when you’re looking forward to spending time here with family and friends at your side. While Jackson Hole is a place to explore sprawling national parks, get up close to wildlife, and adventure through amazing eateries along the way, it’s also a hub for fantastic locally produced fare to discover. When you find yourself in the mood to shop local during your visit and you want to support small businesses at the same time, there are some great local farmers and craft markets to check out the next time travel plans bring you this way.

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Enjoy Time at the Jackson Hole Farmers Market

If you’re making your way to Jackson Hole in the summer or the fall, you’ll be right on time to make the most of the fun and fantastic finds that await at the Jackson Hole Farmers Market. This highly anticipated event is hosted on Saturdays on the iconic Town Square between June 29 and September 28. You can swing by to enjoy the experience between 8:00 am and noon with many vendors set up at Center and Deloney Streets. The Jackson Hole Farmers Market is a vibrant community gathering where farmers, artisans, and non-profits alike come together to present their wares to the public.

Here, you can find a variety of fresh produce on-site as well as cut flowers and handcrafted goods that make for amazing gifts and souvenirs. There’s no shortage of butcher cuts, homemade honey, cookies, and pies to purchase and enjoy. You’ll find everything you’re looking for and more at the Jackson Hole Farmers Market and can feel great about supporting the community you’ve come to enjoy at the same time. The Jackson Hole Farmers Market was organized as a way to give the community and visitors access to both local and sustainable food options. It’s a place where healthy eating habits are promoted, and education is offered around maintaining healthy habits beyond the market. Local farms are nurtured and supported through the efforts of the Jackson Hole Farmers Market which is truly a celebration of everything local!

Check Out the People’s Market Hosted by Slow Foods in the Tetons

Once you’ve enjoyed some time at the Jackson Hole Farmers Market, the People’s Market hosted by Slow Food in the Tetons is another terrific stop to add to your list. This market is designed to showcase local growers and producers as well as artisans who produce sustainable crafts to sell. The People’s Market is an inviting gathering place where everyone is welcome to come and celebrate clean and fair food in a space that speaks to local charm. The market is set up to support local businesses through direct-to-consumer sales on the part of farmers, ranchers, and artists. This creates a strong connection in the region between the local community, food, and sustainable practices. It’s a money-saving setup for producers and consumers alike and eliminates intermediate distribution and supply chain costs.

In summer 2024, the People’s Market will be hosted on Wednesdays from 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm between June 5 and September 25 at the Center for the Arts. It’s organized and supported by Slow Food in the Tetons which works to grow a local and regional sustainable economy by connecting producers and consumers in the name of good, clean, and fair food at all times. The name hails from the idea of slow food at the market representing food that is carefully grown, sustainably harvested, and nutritious for consumers and the planet alike.

Spend Time at the Art Fair Jackson Hole

If you’re hoping to put your focus on a craft market while you’re in town, the Art Fair Jackson Hole is sure to thrill. Presented by The Art Association of Jackson Hole, this fair is a beloved summer event that features local and national artists who create photography, paintings, furniture, ceramics, and more to browse and purchase. Art Fair Jackson Hole functions as a fundraiser as well for the Art Association and this year, it will be hosted July 26 through July 28 and August 16 through August 18, 2024. The fair is open on Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and on Sundays from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. You can enjoy the Art Fair Jackson Hole for just $6 at the Art Association Campus at 265 S. Cache Street.

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Your journey to Jackson Hole deserves luxury, comfort, and style included. When you book your vacation rental through Abode Jackson Hole, that’s exactly what you’ll find! Reach out today to learn more about our stunning property options available and how we can help you elevate your stay every step of the way.

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When you’re excited to plan a trip somewhere abundant in wildlife and abounding with natural beauty, it’s impossible to overlook the endless appeal of a place like Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This inviting destination sits in a lush valley surrounded by the Gros Ventre, and Teton Mountain ranges alike. Within easy reach of Kelly, Teton Village, Wilson, and Moose Moran, Jackson Hole puts visitors in the heart of the fun they’re looking for no matter what time of year they happen to arrive. The area is adored among outdoor enthusiasts who are excited to add hiking, wildlife watching, climbing, and rafting to their itinerary in the warm weather months of the year. With Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park at your fingertips, guided tours are always an amazing way to enhance a stay with insight into the area’s ecology and history too! When winter rolls around and the fresh powder falls, Jackson Hole becomes an oasis for outdoor fun as well. Here, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and sleigh rides through the National Elk Refuge are just a few of the many options for creating an unforgettable cold weather stay.

While Jackson Hole is brimming over with beautiful and inviting reasons to visit and enjoy a great vacation, half the fun of heading this way can be finding the ideal vacation rental to top off your experience in luxury and style. At Abode Jackson Hole, we specialize in helping travelers making their way to Jackson Hole enhance their experience by providing them with an impressive list of meticulously maintained luxury retreats to choose from while they’re in town. We take home-away-from-home experiences over the top by providing travelers with the options they deserve when it comes to comfort, space, style, and views. Whether you’re heading here solo, as a couple on a romantic journey, or in the company of a large group of family and friends, we have property options designed to delight you that keep you close to the fun and living in style every step of the way.

We know that when travelers come to Jackson Hole, they have many options with how they book their rental stay. It’s far too easy to get drawn into third-party sites like Airbnb where what look like great opportunities come with an endless lineup of small print caveats included. At Abode Jackson Hole, we’re in the business of hospitality that comes with full transparency. We want our guests to not only have an amazing visit in Wyoming but also keep as much money in their wallets along the way as possible to further enjoy the stay. To that end, we encourage travelers to always book direct when it’s time to make your vacation rental reservation a reality. It’s a sure way to have a seamless experience from start to finish with the peace of mind in place that you deserve. The following are a few of the top reasons to move away from Airbnb when you’re ready to travel for Jackson Hole direct booking instead.

Enjoy Exclusive Deals You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Airbnb is just one of many third-party booking sites out there that market themselves as a great deal online. In reality, the best way to access exclusive deals on your vacation rental you won’t find anywhere is to book direct and go directly to the source! When you book a Jackson Hole stay through the property management team at Abode Jackson Hole, you’ll find we can offer unique promotions and seasonal discounts that are exclusive to this type of booking process. We’re happy to offer great savings when customers call in and make it a point to book directly through the team that manages the property option they’re interested in. This is always beneficial but can be particularly appealing when you’re traveling this way during a high travel season like summer or holidays and you’re hoping to save on accommodations so you can put funds towards area activities and adventure that are one-of-a-kind.

You’ll Save Overall With Jackson Hole Direct Booking

Beyond exclusive deals offered through our property management team, booking direct is the only way to know that you’re going to save overall on your vacation rental booking experience. While it would be wonderful to assume that third-party booking sites have your best interests at heart, this just isn’t the case. Oftentimes, those who book through sites like Airbnb will find hidden fees included in the booking transaction process which can add up to more than 20% of the total by the time you’re done with the reservation. At Abode Jackson Hole, we’re here to communicate booking costs and fee structures openly with our guests. When you book direct, there are never any hidden fees to worry about which means more money to spend when you arrive in town.

You’ll Enjoy Knowing Your Payment Process is Safe and Secure

On the surface, payment processes outlined through sites like Airbnb and other third-party booking sites can look straightforward. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When you book through these sites, there’s no real way to track the transaction process and with so many digital processes in place, it can be nearly impossible to find a real person to speak with regarding your payment or any changes you might need to make once you’ve clicked submit. At Abode Jackson Hole, we do things differently. Guests who book direct through us enjoy complete transparency when it comes to our safe and secure payment processes. We’re also open and honest regarding our policies when you need to change or cancel your plans. You can speak directly to our team with questions and in this way, you will never feel like just another number in the system. We simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

You Can Play an Active Role in Supporting Local Jackson Hole Businesses

Any time you make your way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to enjoy a great vacation, you’re bound to discover new experiences and destinations that change the way you look at the world. At Abode Jackson Hole, we love giving travelers reasons to linger and make new discoveries but on the other side of that coin, booking your stay direct through us means you’ll also be giving back to the city you’ve come to be a part of. Our property management team is locally operated which means booking direct goes straight back towards supporting a company that cares deeply about the place we serve. Because we work closely with local vendors when it comes to home management services like maintenance and housekeeping, booking direct further extends its supportive influence throughout the city. This is something that everyone can feel great about and is a win-win on all fronts.

Flexible Booking Is at Your Fingertips

Oftentimes, those who book their vacation rental through Airbnb or other third-party booking sites will find there’s a lot to be desired in the way of flexibility. Alternatively, at Abode Jackson Hole, we know that travel plans change, and our team of live representatives is here to help when you need to create a customized stay with unique scheduling included. Our property management team can work directly with you to ensure your stay fits your schedule and is accommodating to everyone in your traveling crew. If you need to make an adjustment once you arrive, we’re here to help with that as well.

You’ll Love Booking Direct with Local Experts

Whether it’s your first time visiting Jackson Hole or you return year after year, booking your stay direct and avoiding third-party sites like Airbnb means you’ll be in touch with local experts who know the area inside and out. At Abode Jackson Hole, we’re more than happy to help our guests who book direct put together tailored itineraries that take all of their travel interests as well as the highlights of Jackson Hole into account. We’re often able to provide guests who book direct with information regarding area events, attractions, and gatherings that they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. This means you can count on making the most of every moment you’re here and enjoying time doing activities that other travelers might miss out on.

You Can Count on Authentic Property Representation

Many third-party booking sites like Airbnb showcase property options that look great in photos and provide a far-less appealing reality upon arrival. When you choose to book your stay direct, you never have to worry about misleading marketing standards. At Abode Jackson Hole, we invest in professional home photography for all of our managed homes that not only captures properties in the area at their best, but in an authentic light at all times. We showcase all of the home features available in detail and our listings will always note any special circumstances you might encounter during your stay regarding local construction, neighborhood regulations, or seasonal changes and challenges. If you have questions about the property you’re interested in, our team is available to answer calls and emails in real time. You won’t have to worry about trying to get past an automated system and instead, can enjoy a conversation with one of our representatives who is more than happy to elaborate on home details, furnishings, features, amenities, location, and services.

Booking Direct Puts an Emphasis on Sustainable Travel Options

Booking your Jackson Hole stay through Airbnb or another third-party booking site can leave you wondering if those sustainable travel details and features you read about in the listing are in fact, a true part of your experience ahead. When you book direct through Abode Jackson Hole, you never have to wonder if your trip will meet your eco-friendly standards. These days, more than perhaps ever before, travelers are investing time and energy into making sure they leave a minimal carbon footprint in their wake. Oftentimes, the vacation rental they select plays a big part in this. At Abode Jackson Hole, our guests who book direct will have access to all of the information regarding every property’s sustainable features. From solar panels and energy-efficient homes to properties with electric vehicle chargers on-site, we make sure to highlight the features that will have you feeling great about your sustainable travel efforts.

High Quality Customer Service Is a Guarantee

When you book a vacation rental in Jackson Hole, you want to know that a trusted team of experts has your back when questions arise. When you book direct through Abode Jackson Hole, that’s exactly what you can count on every step of the way. Unlike third-party booking sites like Airbnb, our team doesn’t see guests as a number, but as valuable members of our professional family. To that end, we’re proud to offer 24/7 customer care lines and easy access to maintenance and housekeeping professionals when unexpected situations come up. Our representatives can help you navigate your stay at every turn and make sure you have all the information you need before, during, and after your Jackson Hole adventure. We want you to feel right at home which is why we offer personalized service you can count on starting on day one.

Book Your Stay in Jackson Hole Today

Now is an amazing time to begin turning your Jackson Hole, Wyoming travel plans into a well-deserved reality. When you can’t wait to get the fun and adventure underway, booking your vacation rental direct through Abode Jackson Hole is the place to start. No matter when you arrive, how long you stay, or how many fellow travelers you arrive alongside, our team is here to take care of the details so that you can focus exclusively on the fun ahead. Be sure to reach out today to learn more about our impressive lineup of property options available throughout Jackson Hole that keep you close to the places you can’t wait to see for yourself and infuse every day of your stay with elevated standards of luxury, comfort, and style too. We’re very much looking forward to helping you make the most of every single moment you’re here and are excited to see you in scenic Jackson Hole, Wyoming soon.

Summer is a spectacular time of year to travel and when it’s amazing scenery and outdoor fun you’re after, you’ll find there’s plenty to go around in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. While this destination is adored in the wintertime for amazing skiing and fun on the fresh powder, the warm weather months melt the snow away to reveal active wildlife, national parks in full blooms, and stunning mountains to discover alongside lush green slopes. With so many options for new discoveries at your fingertips, there’s a good chance the hardest part might be narrowing down your options to fit your schedule. When you’re ready to plan your summer getaway to Jackson Hole, this guide will get you started.

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Getting Here is a Breeze

No matter what your point of origin might be, heading to Jackson Hole is made simple when you fly into Jackson Hole Airport. Located just 20 miles from Jackson Hole Resort, this airport is served by airlines out of 12 major U.S. cities. Airlines that fly into Jackson Hole Airport include Delta, United, American, Alaska, Allegiant, and Sun Country. The airport is also open to private jet services. While you’ll likely be ready to hit the ground running once you land, it’s fun to note that Jackson Hole Airport is the only commercial airport of its kind in the country that enjoys a location right in a national park. As soon as you’re wheels down on the runway, you’ll find yourself in Grand Teton National Park with just a 36-minute drive ahead of you to reach Jackson Hole by car.

Getting Around Once You’re Here

Having a rental car in Jackson Hole in the summertime is highly recommended. This is particularly true if you’re planning to venture out into the national parks or staying in Teton Village which is 12 miles northwest of Jackson Hole. That said, Jackson Hole is also equipped with a public bus system and many visitors opt to rent a bike while they’re in town for getting around when they’re staying close to one destination.

Summer Activities to Enjoy

Once you have that bike rented, you’re going to want to get out and explore Jackson Hole’s terrain. There are fantastic mountain biking trails right at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort as well as more leisurely paved trails running through town. Head over to JH Sports for mountain bike rentals or Teton Village Sports for an e-bike if you prefer. For summer travelers who are looking for a new view of it all, this is the season for sensational rock climbing in Jackson Hole. Alongside an experienced guide, you can tackle the Jackson Hole via Ferrata atop the Bridger Gondola and the reward lies in some breathtaking views that await. Climbing options are just as inviting over at Grand Teton National Park which is also a great option when you’re looking for fun hikes, or afternoons enjoyed cooling off at Jenny Lake. Phelps Lake is another great choice for a swim while guided wildlife-watching tours through the park will put you within reach of amazing creatures of all kinds. If you’re a visitor with a passion for time on the greens, Jackson Hole hosts five area golf courses as well as a disc golf course to utilize over at Teton Village. When you’re traveling this way with the entire family in tow, activities like horseback riding or riding the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram and dining on gourmet waffles at Corbet’s Cabin afterward could just be the highlight of your seasonal adventure.

Summer Temperatures to Consider

Jackson Hole is a four seasons destination and in the summer, visitors can count on warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine to enjoy. Average temperatures in June linger around the mid-70s while July and August see those numbers jump into the 80s. If you’re planning to be out exploring extensively, sunscreen, sunglasses, bug repellant, and hats are highly recommended. When you have hikes on the to-do list, pack plenty of water and remember that leaving earlier in the day will help make every step more enjoyable.

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Finding time in a busy schedule to get away from the hustle and enjoy a well-deserved vacation once in a while is important. When you’re a traveler looking for a refreshing place to discover where you’re free to slow down, relish the moment, and soak up spectacular scenery too, you’ll find every reason to linger in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This small piece of the Old West still thrives in the modern world much to the delight of guests from near and far. Here, locals and visitors alike will find a place to relax and unwind at their own preferred pace in every season.

Upon arrival in Jackson Hole, you’ll be greeted by gorgeous surrounding mountains paired with lush valley floors totaling a space of around 48 miles long. 19th century explorers were awed by the area’s beauty and today, the sentiment still remains firmly intact. The spirit of adventure and the thrill of new discoveries is also palpable when you visit Jackson Hole which is home to the Snake River and a haven for amazing wildlife.

Of course, if you choose to stay in town, you’ll find plenty to enjoy as well from fantastic saloons and art galleries to charming shops, delicious eateries, annual festivals, and more. It’s hard to overlook the proximity of Jackson Hole to some of the country’s most impressive national parks when you’re here. While destinations like Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota are entirely possible to reach if you’re up for a 7.5-hour drive and Capital Reef National Park in Utah can be accessed in about 8 hours, there are two iconic destinations waiting to be discovered right at your fingertips.

Enjoy Time at Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park

Both Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park can be explored with ease during your Jackson Hole stay when you’re longing to get out and learn more about the amazing natural world that makes up this area. Both are incorporated into the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which is one of the last remaining large and nearly intact ecosystems of its kind in the northern temperate zone of the planet. Across both parks, visitors have access to a stunning array of wildlife ranging from bison and elk to black bears, grizzly bears, moose, and pronghorn. When it’s breathtaking backdrops you’re after, Grand Teton rises 13,770 feet above sea level and beckons to limit-seeking adventurers. The truth is that no matter where you land, the nearby national parks are likely to be a highlight of your stay in Jackson Hole. No matter when you make your way in this direction, Jackson Hole is a remarkably beautiful destination and when you’re up for some national park adventures, this guide is the place to begin.

Make It a Day Trip to Yellowstone National Park

You won’t have to travel far to find yourself face to face with one of the country’s most impressive national parks in the form of Yellowstone National Park the next time you head to Jackson Hole. The park celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2022 and holds the title as the first national park. Yellowstone National Park is truly a one-of-a-kind destination on the map as it is home to a unique collection of landscapes including stunning geothermal pools in beautiful hues, rocky flats, bubbling mud pots, and geysers. In total, Yellowstone National Park is thought to host upward of 10,000 active thermal features.

Yellowstone National Park was established back in 1872, and today, it remains a model for conservation for parks across the map. In many ways, when you visit Yellowstone, you take a unique step back in time as the wilderness is refreshingly untouched and unaltered. It’s sometimes referred to as “American’s Serengeti” and those who are looking to connect with rich and diverse wildlife are often awed by the herds of bison and elk that roam the plains here. Off in the forests and valleys, bears and wolves are able to thrive as well. No matter when you plan to visit, you’re going to want to have your camera in hand. This is a scenic and inspiring stop that’s worthy of capturing on film.

Planning Your Visit

Even if you only do a single day in Yellowstone National Park venturing from Jackson Hole, you’re going to want to set aside at least 12 hours for thorough sightseeing. It takes about one hour and 15 minutes to travel the 53 miles from Jackson Hole to the South entrance of Yellowstone National Park and leaving as early as possible in the morning to beat any and all crowds is highly recommended. As you drive towards the park, you’ll be treated to the sunrise along the Teton range, which is a sight you won’t want to miss. An early morning outing is also a great opportunity to catch glimpses of bison, moose, and elk.

While the entrance fee at Yellowstone National Park is typically $70 for a non-commercial vehicle and $40 if you’re arriving on a motorcycle. If you purchase a seven-day pass to Yellowstone, you can enjoy weekly entrance for just $35. However, be sure to check the National Parks calendar for the select free days they host every year when visitors can make the most of their time at the parks for no cost. To best plan out your day, it’s recommended to download the official National Park Service Yellowstone app as well as the NPS Yellowstone Geysers app before you arrive so you can map out your route and know when eruptions will be happening. You might also want to consider packing a lunch for your day at the park as on-site concessions can be quite crowded especially if you’re visiting in the summer months.

Must-See Landmarks in the Park

A top destination you aren’t going to want to miss at Yellowstone is the Old Faithful Geyser Basin. This geyser can be viewed from a surrounding boardwalk and there’s convenient parking behind the Visitor Education Center. Here, you can learn more about the hydrothermal feature and how life continues to exist in these extreme environments. When Old Faithful erupts, it sends around 8,400 gallons of scalding water 184 feet into the air. The time between eruptions is around 90 minutes so while you’re waiting, you can also take time to tour the historic Old Faithful Inn on-site which dates back to 1904. Afterward, make sure to take a stroll around the West Thumb Geyser Basin where you’ll find a half-mile loop around the shores of Yellowstone Lake which is the largest of its kind above 8,000 feet elevation in all of North America. Along the way, you’ll encounter Thumb Paint Pots and multi-colored pools that have a wonderful way of capturing the mind and imagination. If you prefer to view the thermal features from your vehicle, you’ll want to consider exploring Firehole Lake Drive which is just about 5 minutes from the Midway Geyser Basin and takes you right past a wide variety of springs and geysers across the park.

Yellowstone National Park is also home to some spectacular canyons and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is a must-see landmark with its dramatic Lower and Upper Falls. Cascade chasers will also love time at Gibbons Falls which is just 14 miles off Firehole Lake Drive and is served by the Gibbon River as it tumbles over rocks to the ground 84 feet below. In the event you head to Yellowstone National Park in the winter, you can enjoy sightseeing by snowmobile or snow coach. While heading out and exploring on your own is always a treat, making the most of your sightseeing time is often best done in the company of experts. There are a wide variety of local tour companies that offer guided outings including Buffalo Roam Tours and Ecotour Adventures, just to name a few.

Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Here

A highlight of any trip to Yellowstone National Park is wildlife watching, but remembering that the emphasis is on wild animals is important. When you’re in the park, you’ll need to always remain at least 100 yards away from bears and wolves while all other animals require a 25-yard distance maintained at all times. Additionally, if you’re exploring the thermal areas, it’s vital to remain exclusively on boardwalks and designated pathways, and geysers and hot springs reach dangerous temperatures. As you plan your visit, be sure to keep in mind that cell service is limited in many areas. You’ll want to be sure to dress in layers for your day at Yellowstone and definitely have binoculars readily available for the journey.

Take Time to Explore Grand Teton National Park

When you’re ready to expand your national park adventures further, Grand Teton National Park is the perfect addition to your itinerary. Spanning 484 square miles, Grand Teton National Park is a beautiful destination for explorers to check out that can be accessed starting right in the town of Jackson off Highway 89/191. Once you’ve downloaded your park app, you’ll find yourself well within reach of outdoor adventures on the multi-use pathway system or on the Snake River depending on how you plan to enjoy your day. Of course, the Teton Range is often the focal point of the backdrop here with good reason. These inspiring peaks are believed to be around 10 million years old and are the result of earthquakes along fault lines that pushed the ground upward as huge glaciers sculpted the range over time too. At Grand Teton National Park, you’ll likely spend equal time admiring the view and exploring the terrain. If you prefer to do exactly that alongside a local guide, the team over at Jackson Hole Wildlife Ecotour Adventures is more than happy to help you build a custom day in the park where you can make the most of off-the-beaten-path trails alongside an expert naturalist guide.

Landmarks You’re Going to Want to Enjoy

Whether you book your place on a tour of Grand Teton National Park or make your way in this direction on your own, there are stops that you’re definitely going to want to make sure are at the top of your list. Jenny Lake is one of them and is a great place to spend time hiking, wildlife watching, enjoying nature photography, swimming, or fishing in the warm weather months. This is perhaps one of the most visited areas in the park so arriving in the early morning to enjoy the water and views is always recommended. If you’re the type of traveler who loves to lace up your boots and hit the trails, the 7-mile trail around Jenny Lake is a great loop to explore. You’ll find detours off to Hidden Falls from this route as well as an overlook to admire at Inspiration Point. You can also easily access String Lake from the Jenny Lake Trail when you want to have a picnic or you enjoy higher-up views over the water. Either way, you’ll want to set aside at least a few hours in this area to really enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Another Grand Teton National Park stop to enjoy during your visit is Oxbow Bend. Just south of Jackson Lake Junction, Oxbow Bend may seem familiar as it’s typically one of the most photographed areas of the park. The waters here are occupied by river otters, beavers, and white pelicans while the skies overhead frequently host bald eagles and ospreys. It’s not uncommon to spot moose along the shoreline as well. If you happen to be a history buff, this stop can be followed up with time at Cunningham Cabin which is a homestead on-site dating back to 1888. Before you call it a day at Grand Teton National Park, don’t miss out on swinging by the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center in Moose where you can enjoy a variety of interpretive exhibits showcasing locale flora and fauna. This is also where you can ask questions of park rangers and learn more about on-site programs, guided excursions, and events hosted at the park year-round.

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A well-deserved journey to scenic Jackson Hole puts travelers within easy reach of exciting destinations like Grand Teton National Park. All year long, this national park has something thrilling to offer outdoor adventurers whether they’re looking to relax, enjoy nature photography, make the most of wildlife watching, or spend time hiking and climbing their way through a stay. While Grand Teton National Park has a long list of beloved landmarks waiting to be explored, the park is also home to some hidden gems that are well worth adding to an itinerary. When you’re looking for something a little different the next time you’re here, the following stops are sure to inspire.

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Spend time at Leigh Lake

With good reason, many Grand Teton National Park-bound travelers will set their sights on well-known bodies of water like Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake during a visit. Yes, these lakes are breathtaking but if you’re looking to enjoy time lakeside at a place that’s a bit more off the beaten path, you’ll want to set your sights on Leigh Lake instead. This beautiful lake is adorned with clear waters and stunning mountain scenery to enjoy from a place on its beach. To reach Leigh Lake, be sure to head southeast of Mount Moran where you can enjoy time on a trail that leads you to the water. This tranquil spot is always a treat so don’t be surprised if you end up lingering a little longer than you planned.

Enjoy an Afternoon at String Lake

Yet another one of the fantastic hidden gems in Grand Teton National Park for travelers to check out while they’re here is String Lake. While more well-known lakes at the park are likely to be packed on a busy summer day, String Lake takes you out of the way and far from the crowds so you can truly enjoy some much-needed tranquility in nature. The lake is dotted with benches and there’s a hiking trail that runs around the perimeter so you can make the most of the view from varying angles. String Lake is a wonderful place to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a fresh-air meal or take a refreshing swim in the water. If you’re willing to bring your gear with you, String Lake is a great place to enjoy paddleboarding or kayaking for a fun afternoon out on the water. Just be prepared for the chilly water as this lake is the result of glacier run-off and it maintains cool temperatures year-round.

Add Schwabacher Landing to Your List

If your Grand Teton National Park tour plans include time at the iconic Snake River, you’re going to want to expand on the fun with a stop at Schwabacher Landing. Sitting along the river’s east shore, Schwabacher Landing is an idyllic place to enjoy wildlife watching and the trail leading to this location is relatively flat and less than two miles total. A trip here around sunset is highly recommended as both the mountains and evening colors are beautifully reflected in the water. Be sure to bring a camera for this stop that comes with a reputation for incredible views.

Hike Your Way to Hidden Falls

For travelers with a passion for cascade hunting, Grand Teton National Park is home to Hidden Falls. Much as the name indicates, these cascades aren’t necessarily the easiest to find, but they’re certainly worth the effort. To locate Hidden Falls, you’ll need to follow Cascade Creek and hike your way to the waterfall opening. The Hidden Falls Trail is about a mile long in total and is moderately difficult, so you’ll want to be sure you have on appropriate hiking boots and outdoor apparel. Once you reach Hidden Falls, you’ll be treated to sights of cascades that flow nearly 100 feet off the ground. It’s truly a sight to behold and might just be the highlight of your stay.

Stop by the Chapel of the Transfiguration

A really unique and memorable experience is waiting for you in Grand Teton National Park when you make time to drop by the Chapel of the Transfiguration. Located in Moose, this chapel is a small log structure within scenic surroundings. It was designed specifically to frame the Cathedral Group of peaks in the park through the window just behind the altar. Come and see for yourself and enjoy some time adding another amazing stop to your park itinerary.

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Making memories that last a lifetime alongside those you love most is easier than ever when you head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming over Memorial Day. This beautiful, exciting, and inviting destination is a dream come true for outdoor adventurers, but it’s just as suitable for those who love to relax, unwind, and enjoy a stunning view. Situated in the heart of mountainous terrain, Jackson Hole offers up dynamic landscapes to enjoy as well as easy access to places like Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. Wildlife watchers, fishing enthusiasts, shoppers, and dedicated diners alike will find reasons to return to Jackson Hole time and again. When your travels bring you this way over Memorial Day, the following are just a few of the many reasons to fall in love with Wyoming.

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Take time to Learn Local History at the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum

Memorial Day is a time to look back and remember and there’s no place better to do exactly that in Jackson Hole than the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum. This is a must-visit for history buffs who find themselves in town this time of year. At the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum, visitors are invited to step back in time and gain insight into the region’s past as it was long before settlers arrived. The exhibits and displays on-site provide a unique route to understanding the tribes that first called the Jackson Hole area home as well as the pioneers and fur trappers that followed. You’ll follow a unique timeline of Jackson Hole’s development from wild frontier to award-winning vacation destination of today. Across the museum, guests can browse artifacts, photographs, and displays that bring the stores of Jackson Hole to life once again. The museum is located at 225 N Cache Street and walking tours are available upon request.

Try a Ride on the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram

Your Memorial Day adventure to Jackson Hole is a great opportunity to get a new view on the lush terrain. When you’re hoping for a bird’s eye perspective on it all, you’ll find it waiting for you when you board the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram and ride up to the summit of Rendezvous Mountain. Panoramic views abound from the tram which carries you above mountains, canyons, and rich forests. At the top, there are options to linger and savor the sights from the observation deck. Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera for this one-of-a-kind experience that just might be the highlight of your Memorial Day getaway.

Spend Quality Time Strolling Through Jackson Town Square

For many travelers, Memorial Day in Jackson Hole is a chance to get into nature and away from the crowds to savor every second in nature. However, if you’re looking for in-town fun, there’s plenty to be found right in the heart of Town Square! This is a central hub for shops, galleries, and eateries in town where you can mix and mingle with locals and visitors alike. The charming cafes might beckon you over for a bite or coffee while the boutique shops are ideal when you’re on the hunt for apparel, home goods, jewelry, or souvenirs. Throughout the warm weather months, Town Square plays host to live musical performances as well as events and gatherings of all kinds. When you drop by, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your picture taken in front of one of the four elk antler arches that adorn this destination. They’re kept well maintained by an endless seasonal supply of antlers left behind by the herd over at the National Elk Refuge nearby.

Enjoy a Float Trip Down the Snake River

By Memorial Day, temperatures are finally warm enough for visitors to enjoy a scenic float trip down the Snake River while they’re in town. This is a great way to get on the water, enjoy wildlife-watching, and spend quality time with family and friends. There are a variety of local outfitters that offer guided float trips so you can enjoy peace of mind and all the gear you’ll need along the way. Drifting along the water and soaking up the sights of the Tetons in the distance is truly a one-of-a-kind experience from start to finish. Keep your eyes open as you float because there’s a good chance you’ll catch a glimpse of bald eagles overhead or even moose by the riverbanks.

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Travelers who can’t get enough of spending time in the great outdoors find reasons to return to Jackson Hole, Wyoming year after year. As scenic and exciting as it is inviting, Jackson Hole is a place where you can pair gorgeous mountains and valley views with stunning wildlife watching, and national park exploration that’s one-of-a-kind. No matter the season, Jackson Hole has something inspiring to offer but fueling up for that adventure, or re-energizing once you return is just important. The good news is, Jackson Hole is also a city packed with amazing eateries to explore when cravings come calling. Whether you’re in the mood for a fine dining experience, a casual bite, or something in between, you’ll find everything you’re longing for and more right here. Feel free to use this Jackson Hole dining guide as a great place to start when it’s time to treat your tastebuds to a delicious moment or two the next time travel plans bring you to Jackson Hole.

Enjoy a Tasty Breakfast at Corbet’s Cabin

If your Jackson Hole getaway brings you in this direction between December and April when ski season is in full swing, grabbing a delicious breakfast at Corbet’s Cabin is a must. Located at Rendezvous Peak in Teton Village at an impressive 10,450 feet above sea level, Corbet’s Cabin captures the views and flavor you’ve been craving at every turn. It’s a welcoming and cozy place to start the day that’s known for its spectacular homemade waffles. While a traditional Belgian waffle drizzled in caramel and topped with powdered sugar is sure to please, you can’t go wrong with the Gateway waffle which pairs peanut butter and smoked bacon with a topping of syrup for a rich and warm flavor profile to enjoy. There are also Nutella-topped waffles on the menu as well as cobbler options which add mixed berry compote and whipped cream to your waffle for an extra sweet experience.

These made-to-order waffles pair well with a coffee or hot chocolate when you need to warm up before a day on the slopes. While the menu is always mesmerizing, it’s hard to beat the vistas that are served up from this eatery’s vantage point too. Even the décor stays on theme with walls decorated with skis outside and a cozy cabin-inspired interior waiting to greet you. The service here is always friendly and it’s a great place to mix and mingle with locals and visitors alike when you’re in town. Bring the entire family and your appetite for a stop at Corbet’s Cabin!

Savor an Elegant Meal at Gun Barrel Steak and Game House

Located at 862 W. Broadway, the Gun Barrel Steak and Game House is a luxurious dining stop in Jackson Hole where you can count on opportunities to cozy up to a fireplace, make the most of a welcoming ambiance, and enjoy a menu of options showcasing exotic game of all kinds. At Gun Barrel Steak and Game House, guests are invited to drop by for dinner any night of the week between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

The menu features buffalo, venison, and elk to name a few of the many unique options to choose from. The hunting and cowboy motif here really stands out with memorabilia of life in the Wild West dominating the décor. Some fan-favorite starters include the bison carpaccio while entrees like the Cheyenne tenderloin or ribeye are sure to delight. A side of shrimp is always a good choice while the venison bratwurst might just bring you back again for round two. Don’t leave without taking time to browse the restaurant’s impressive wine list which offers up the perfect red, white, sparkling pairing for any plate you decide on. You’ll want to reserve a table at Gun Barrel Steak and Game House to ensure an amazing and tasty night out in good company.

Head Over to Hand Fire Pizza for a Delicious Slice

There are times when traveling when nothing hits the spot quite like the perfect slice of pizza. When you’re in the mood for something quick and casual, or you’re in town with the entire family in tow and you’re looking for an eatery with something for everyone on the menu, Hand Fire Pizza is it. Located at 120 N. Cache Street #1137, Hand Fire Pizza is open from 11:30 am until 9:00 pm Friday through Sunday with adjusted hours from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday. It’s a convenient place to drop by whenever you’re up for something delicious and here, you’ll enjoy settling into the historic Teton Theater building which dates back to 1941. Since its full renovation in 2017, the building has provided the perfect setting for a comfortable and savory experience. While you’ll know right away you’ve stepped into a pizza joint, there are details that remain that take you back in time like the original ticket booth, marquee, and an entryway dotted with memorabilia.

The menu at Hand Fire Pizza is equally inspiring with wood-fired pizza selections sitting at the top of many patron’s must-try list. The crust here is loved for being coated in garlic oil and topped with parmesan and herbs as well as ricotta and caramelized onions upon request. It’s a popular place for a casual weeknight or weekend dinner with friends and family thanks to the variety of tantalizing options to enjoy. In addition to the custom-topped wood fired pizza selections, guests can enjoy organic mixed salads, hummus platters, and burrata when they drop by Hand Fire Pizza.

Experience a Sweet Moment at Persephone

If you find yourself longing for something sweet during your Jackson Hole getaway, you’ll want to make sure Persephone is on your culinary radar. Located at 145 E. Broadway Avenue, Persephone Bakery is a chic and inviting French bakery where you’ll find easy access to pastries, delicious coffee, artisanal breads made fresh daily, and light far that you can enjoy on the patio if you choose to linger with friends. Persephone Bakery is open daily from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm with adjusted hours on Sunday until 5:00 pm. It’s a cozy place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or drinks and this original location on Broadway is a popular spring and summer stop thanks to the outdoor seating options available.

If you’re here for breakfast, feel free to start the day in French-inspired style by ordering up a coffee with a croque madame. There’s also bread pudding French toast on the menu topped with whipped lemon ricotta. You can’t go wrong with a goat cheese omelet, and at lunch, opportunities to bite into a mortadella sandwich with pesto or a smoked trout salad are moments you’re not going to want to miss. There’s also wine and beer on the menu but if you’re just dropping by specifically for the pastries, you’re in for a treat. The pastry menu boasts everything from sweet scones and citrus cakes to chocolate croissants, tarts, maple breads, macarons, cookies, cinnamon brioche, and beyond.

Spend a Delightful Evening at Snake River Grill

When you’re on the hunt for a mouthwatering date night destination during your Jackson Hole getaway, or you’re just in the mood for some elegant dishing in a rustic-chic setting, you can find it with confidence at Snake River Grill. Situated at 84 E Broadway Avenue, the Snake River Grill is a place to pair New American dishes with a fantastic wine and beer selection in a room that feels like a log cabin. The aesthetic is topped off with a sleek bar, cloth-covered tables, and a cozy fireplace to enjoy. The Snake River Grill is easy to reach next to Town Square and is open from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm for dinner service Monday through Wednesday with extended hours Thursday through Saturday until 9:30 pm.

Once you’re settled in at your table, feel free to start things off by picking and choosing savory items from the appetizer listing. You’ll likely find the potato pancakes with smoked salmon irresistible while the steak tartare pizza is just as appealing. You really can’t go wrong with the stuffed dates but the wood oven fired house made focaccia is tantalizing too. When it’s time to move onto entrée options, selections like the braised lamb pappardelle, or the grilled elk chop tend to sit on fan-favorite lists. Beyond these options, there’s also Ora king salmon, eggplant map tofu, fettuccine ragu, and roasted duck breast to enjoy.

If you really want to take your dining experience to the next level of excellence, don’t overlook the restaurant’s Royal Kaluga Caviar Service which is available for $75. For an evening of small plates shared among friends, the truffle fries, tempura cauliflower, and Carolina gold risotto are a must. There are also nightly specials to choose from and when you want to top things off on a particularly sweet note, the dessert listing is impressive showcasing dark chocolate tart, lemon cheesecake, sticky toffee pudding for two, and Campari grapefruit sorbet to name a few of many. Be sure to call ahead if you’re planning on dining with a group and if you swing by in the warm weather months of the year, you can opt for outdoor seating at the Snake River Grill too.

Pair Local History and Flavor With Jackson Hole Dining at The Blue Lion

If you’re a history buff with a passion for learning more about the past that’s only rivaled by your passion for fantastic flavor, you can enjoy both at The Blue Lion while you’re in town. Found at 160 N. Millward Street, The Blue Lion sits within a home that dates back to the 1930s and wasn’t transitioned into a popular eatery until the 1970s. Here, you can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere paired with friendly service as you browse a menu of options that showcases American fare with flair. Many evenings, The Blue Lion is a place where you can enjoy live music to accompany your meal making the night out as entertaining as it is mouthwatering. Some of the popular dishes on the menu include the huckleberry scallops and trout to bison ribeye and the New Zealand rack of lamb. Dessert selections like mud pie and tiramisu can be enjoyed on the open-air patio or by the fireplace depending on what season you swing by. No matter when you make a reservation at The Blue Lion, you’ll feel right at home at a Jackson Hole dining destination that’s been welcoming locals and visitors to savor the moment for decades.

Enjoy Japanese Fare at King Sushi

Jackson Hole travelers who find themselves in the mood for Japanese fare during their stay can find authentic selections waiting to be enjoyed at King Sushi. Located at 75 S King Street, King Sushi sits in a space that resembles a log cabin but takes you to the flavors of Japan upon arrival in the heart of Jackson Hole. The atmosphere is inviting and relaxed as you gather around the family-style tables to enjoy sushi, sashimi, and a long list of rolls and noodles. King Sushi is open from 4:30 pm until 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday and it’s a great place for a date night that’s just as suitable for a meal with family and friends. While the food options are sure to satisfy, don’t overlook the robust beverage menu which offers up Japanese beers, wine, and sake selections too.

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Finding time to travel to Jackson Hole in the name of vacation fun and adventure is always the right choice. Whether you’re looking for a scenic place to relax or you can’t get enough of the great outdoors, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. At Abode Jackson Hole, we know that when our guests have access to gorgeous vacation homes upon arrival, their trip is made that much more meaningful. We’re happy to handle your accommodation details the next time you’re in town so you can focus exclusively on the memories waiting to be made ahead. Reach out today to learn more about our luxurious collection of rental options available across the city and how we can help you make more of every moment.